We want to make a computer friend.
It is a small paper doll that searches where you are and you keep looking at you as long as you are there.

We make the little doll from paper.
We design the head of the doll around the Tokymaker. In the body of the doll we insert the battery, servo’s and speaker.
Because we want to make it easy for you, we have a previewed example below.

So we have a sensor that is able to search for distances or people. We will use in this case a Sonar sensor.
For the movement of the doll we use 2 small servo motors.
We also make it sound sensitive, so when we clap, the doll looks for the right position again. Once the position is found, a piece of music plays and via the display we can make like the doll is talking.
If you are no longer present, the doll automatically goes to a sleep position.


The inputs are :

  • Sonar
  • Microphone

The outputs are :

  • 2 Servo’s
  • Speaker



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microphone is an acoustic to electric transducer or sensor that detects sound signal and converts them into an electrical signal. This conversion is relatively direct and the electrical vibration can then be amplified, recorded, or transmitted.


A buzzer or beeper is an audio signalling device.





Scissors, glue and paper

We can use scissors or a cutting knife for cutting the paper.


A servomotor (also called servo) is a device similar to a DC motor that has the ability to be located in any position within its range of operation, and remain stable in that position.


Ultrasonic sensors are non-intrusive in that they do not require physical contact with their target, and can detect certain clear or shiny targets otherwise obscured to some vision-based sensors.


Step 1

Screw the servo motors together as shown in the picture.
Glue the velcro to the servomotor, Tokymaker and battery holder as shown in the photos.

Step 2

Download the prepared head design : Head
Download the prepared body design : Body
Print it on A4 paper
Cut the red lines
Fold the blue lines

Step 3

Bring everything together


You can download the game here :

Amazing gadget! I got it as a present from a friend and I’m still amazed. It only took me about an hour to assemble, and now I’m experimenting with its possibilities. Kudos!

Maker in Residence at Zer0 Lab, Hackacademy