Hamsters are like us, they tend to get lazy very easily. If we don’t help them, they will spend their day eating and staying in their small quiet place. That’s why we need to prevent them from eating too much and make them go out a bit of their comfort zone.


How do we do that? It is actually very simple. We just need to put the food in a locked room of the hamsters wooden house, and unlock it by pressing a button when we want the hamster to eat! When the hamster is finished, we just need to press the button again and lock the door, of course without locking our little pet inside! That way it won’t spend all his time in the wooden house.


  • Tokymaker
  • Servo
  • Button
  • Wooden Door
  • Wooden house for the hamster




My name is Jonathan and I’m an intern at Tokylabs. If you are interested about the project or have any questions, please contact me on WeChat. My WeChat ID is John_W9. You can talk to me in English, French, German or Chinese 🙂