A hamster is really cute, but it can get boring just looking at it all the time. Sometimes it runs on his wheel, but most of the times it doesn’t move. What can we do to make it more interesting for us and for the hamster ?


We can of course domotise the hamster cage ! The first step in order to reach that is to motivate the hamster to run onto his wheel. I made a wheel movement detector with a magnetic sensor and the tokymaker. When the wheel begins to move, the magnet on it is detected, the red light will gradually turn blue and it will gradually turn red again if no magnet is detected.

My name is Jonathan and I’m an intern at Tokylabs. If you are interested about the project or have any questions, please contact me on WeChat. My WeChat ID is John_W9. You can talk to me in English, French, German or Chinese 🙂