They told me and I forgot it; I saw it and I understood it; I did it and I learned it.

Confucius – chinese Philosopher.

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First time using Tokymaker?

A Comprehensive step by step to have your own Tokymaker up and running. Click on your language to get to the course!

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Smart farming Lab is a program to learn and understand hardware-electronics, programming and environmental science through making a Smart Farm from scratch and expand it to the design of a whole Smart City. It is a very complete course we suggest you to start with.



Students will assemble a small robot and learn about programming sensors and servos.

They are expected to test and revise their program according to their robots’ actions. In this course, students will make Tokybot find the brightest area in the classroom.


Two day course to learn about IoT technology. Combining software programming and hardware prototyping education, student will seek creative solutions addressing the 17 UNGSD. It cultivate entrepreneurship where creative individuals apply technology to fresh ideas.


Other Courses

Structured courses for teaching science and technology in the classroom.

Intro to Computer Science

5 week computer science course for  middle school grades

Science Experiments

5 week science course with   measurements and data analysis   activities



Tutorials and support

Tutorials and useful downloadables to get extra information you might want to consult

Debugging Checklist

Your project is not working? Check this first!

Blocks index

Dictionary for the programmer. With this you will understand every block on

Mini-Projects to start

A group of projects that will allow you to get fluent with the TokyMaker. If you have already completed the “Hello World” lesson then this is the next step for you.


Fun project courses – make and experiment while learning.


International Space Station Notifier

Learn about IoT and Space with this fun project

#iot #beginners #space


This awesome project about mars exploration is one of a kind!   Very complete and instructional!

#space #3Dmodel #iot #classroom #team


Create your own musical instrument,

Combining Lights, sounds, effects and much more! Really instructive project.

#music #2Dmodel #beginner #lights

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