In Winter the weather is every day different.
When you wake up in the morning you have to look outside to see which weather it is today…



Let us make a simple weather station that triggers when the current weather condition or the tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain. We will simulate this with an paper umbrella that opens.

Now you are prepared for the weather every day!


  1. Download the prepared design : [download id=”5829″]
  2. Print it on A4 paper
  3. Cut the red lines
  4. Fold the black lines to the inside of the paper
  5. Fold the blue lines to the outside of the paper
  6. Put the Tokymaker and servo in it


Download de code here : [download id=”5603″]

Amazing gadget! I got it as a present from a friend and I’m still amazed. It only took me about an hour to assemble, and now I’m experimenting with its possibilities. Kudos!


Maker in Residence at Zer0 Lab, Hackacademy