All the STEM you ever wanted

Tokymaker is a 100% STEM micro-computer with a dual-core 32bit processor, wifi, bluetooth, OLED screen and all you ever wanted to be innovator and independent thinker.

Might be hard to believe, but now anyone can make projects with Augmented Reality, IoT, Computer Vision, AI assistance, electronics, coding and much more. Oh! it’s also compatible with Arduino analogic sensors.

 The best of all is that you don’t need any technical training for this, with Tokymaker.


In short: we work with Chromebook like anyone out there.

TokyLabs is the world’s first robotics company to be Technology partner of Google for Education.  This is our way to see to say out loud that we are bringing to you cutting-edge technology, with the simplicity and reliability on the focus.

Tokymaker is programmed from a website, which means that it is a cross-platform device. Start your code on the computer, send it to your phone, and do some changes after that on your tablet.

No cables, no software, no plugins, NO HASSLE! It is including the latest technology to achieve the smoothest experience.

The first real IoT for beginners

With Tokymaker, a total beginner can create an IoT project in 5 minutes with it’s powerful drag-and-drop ecosystem.

Connect it to Ai voice assistant, weather forecast, RSS,  Google Services ( Docs, Sheets, etc) social media and 600 other internet services.

And yes, everything in a visual environment, with no room for syntaxis errors. You just need to focus on your goal, let us take care of the rest.

Full IoT Dashboard for your projects

Free connection to 600 Internet services

Collect and share your data online

Everything Drag and drop

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Toky makes the pancakes is a project a 9 years old child made. He really likes pancakes so he came up with the idea of Tokymaker helping him making the pancakes. Video Description Through Toky makes the pancakes, the Tokymaker will help you making the pancakes. By...


  The TokyBird is a rendition of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird. The TokyBird uses similar game functions as Flappy Bird, but in this game, you have to flap your wings to make the bird fly!   Coding credits to Benjamin from the TokyLabs Community! Video...


The TokyLight is an easy weekend project using IOT and the Tokymaker to create a night light. Using your phone or laptop, you can control the color of the night light and whether it's on or off almost anywhere. This project also offers a variety of light stencils to...


The TokyArm is a project utilizing the Tokymaker to replicate a human arm. The Tokymaker with a couple of servo motors and rotation sensors can create a simple robotic arm that can pick up light items. Video Music from: Description Wish you had a...

Mini Projects to Start

  This code contains a group of several projects that will allow you to get more accustomed to using the TokyMaker. If you have already completed the "Getting started: Hello World" module in the Downloads Section then this is the next step for you. It will teach...

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We envision technology, more than as a final objective, as a tool to achieve a creative goal. This is the foundation of TOKY.

We create the tool for you to inspire us.

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