IoT Weather Station Kit


Put your hands on a real Internet-connected weather station! in this kit you will find everything you need!  Following the course that comes with it, you will be able to send and receive data from the Internet, experiment with live data, and build a prototype IoT weather station with Tokymaker.

Good for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level.




This is an introduction kit for students on IoT technology. It refers to a system of internet-connected objects that are able to collect and transfer data.

What is in a Tokymaker?
• 1x Neopixel RGB LED
• 3x Touch Buttons
• 2x Push Buttons
• Bluetooth (for wireless coding and communications)
• Wifi (for IoT projects)
• OLED Screen
• 5x Analog Inputs
• 5x Output (1 Amp per Output)
• Ultrasound Input Port
• Resine Cover Case
• Micro Usb port for Power
• Battery port

What else is inside the IoT Weather Station kit Box?
🌐 IoT & Wifi
👓 AR
🔊 Speakers
🔄 rotation sensor
🏭 Gas sensor
☀️ Light sensor
🚥 Neopixel RGB light
🧱Building Blocks
🌧️ rain sensor
🔌 AC Adaptor & USB Cable

📚 Full IoT course


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