IoT Weather Station Modules


This Box includes:

🌐 IoT & Wifi
👓 AR
🔊 Speakers
🔄 rotation sensor
🏭 Gas sensor
☀️ Light sensor
🚥 Neopixel RGB light
🧱Building Blocks
🌧️ rain sensor
📚 Full IoT course



IoT Weather Station Modules is including the input sensors and output actuators accessories for your Tokymaker. 

With it you will be able to extend the functionality of your Tokymaker and turn it into a complete weather station. It can capture various data values from the environment, and collect data from cloud services such as rain precipitation forecast, or wind speed. All thanks to the Internet of Things capabilities of your Tokymaker.

If you don’t have a tokymaker yet, we recommend you to get the full kit from our shop, instead of just the modules.


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