ISS tracker project kit



Everything you need is contained in the box. Ready to use!

You can easily create a hardware notifier that lifts UP a paper astronaut to alert you each time the International Space Station passes over your location. Way more fun than a text!

Follow the instructions and you will have it up and running in no time!

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What is in the box!

👩‍💻 Easy to code with Blockly & 📱 Bluetooth
♻️ Nylon gear motor
🎛️ Potentiometer
👇 Touch & Buttons
🖥️ OLED Display
🚥 Neopixel RGB light
🌐 Internet of Things & Wifi
👓 Augmented Reality
🧠 Artificial Intelligence assistant
🔋battery holder
🧱 Building Blocks

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Tokymaker is a microcomputer from TokyLabs that lets you create inventions in 5 minutes by mixing electronics, programming, and IoT — with no prior engineering knowledge. Electronic modules connect without soldering, and everything is open source. It’s programmed from a website, which sends code over Wi-Fi — no cables, software, or plugins. Using the graphical language Google Blockly, even non-programmers can easily create code.

Now whenever the ISS passes over your location, your Tokymaker will move the servo to raise the astronaut, light up an LED, and show a message on the OLED screen with the number of orbits that day!

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