Ottoky robot


Ottoky is the Otto robot you know with the innovation you love.

Two innovative companies in the Educational technology have partner to bring Ottoky to life, Otto DIY and Tokylabs combined their expertise and communities in one “”big”” revolutionary project

You probably know Otto a funny biped robot now powered by Tokymaker, isn’t just about DIY building, it is an intuitive way for young and adults to learn the fundamentals of electronics, programming, iot, AR and solve problems creatively.

It combines Online Programing and Offline Hardware creation for beginners.


🖨️Printed Parts
👩‍💻 Easy to code with Blockly & 📱 Bluetooth
♻️ Nylon gear motors
👣 Walk & dance
🔊 Sounds
🎛️ Potentiometer
👇 Touch & Buttons
🖥️ OLED Display
🚥 Neopixel RGB light
🌐 Internet of Things & Wifi
👓 Augmented Reality
🧠 Artificial Intelligence
🧱 Building Blocks

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Ottoky is part of the next generation of smart robots already compatible with Lego blocks this is just the beginning more expansions and applications to come as well as free courses and educational content included in the kit

Tokymaker works with a bunch of cool extra material for unleashing the inventor in you. From the ideation to the reality in a blink of eyes.
It also has tons of Projects made by us in our community. Every project transforms Tokymaker into something else –  a game, a hydroponics system, or watch-dog alarm.

Want to start learning right away? go to our classroom:  or to our academy



For more info about Tokymaker visit their website


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