Smart Farm Kit


We developed this smart farm kit to teach students how to effectively build, code and operate a Smart Farm with Tokymaker. Light sensing and soil moisture sensing, automated water dispensing and much more cool features are also implemented in this kit as basic automation functions.

It also comes with a full course and step by step indications.

"Smart farming" is an emerging concept that refers to managing farms using modern technologies like IoT, robotics, drones, and AI to increase food production while optimizing the human labor required. Observing urban farming as the future of agriculture,

Also, remember that Tokymaker is compatible with general electronics since we have standard connectors to be fully compatible.

We really recommend this kit to start the journey of being a maker!

Does it comes with a course?

Yes! click here to receive it in your inbox.

What is in a Tokymaker?

• 1x Neopixel RGB LED
• 3x Touch Buttons
• 2x Push Buttons
• Bluetooth (for wireless coding and communications)
• Wifi (for IoT projects)
• OLED Screen
• 5x Analog Inputs
• 5x Output (1 Amp per Output)
• Ultrasound Input Port
• Resine Cover Case
• Micro Usb port for Power
• Battery port

What else is inside the Tokymaker Smart Farm Kit box?

• TokyFarm cardboard model
• USB Cable
• USB Charger
• Light sensor
• Soil moisture sensor
• Potentiometer
• Sonar sensor
• Speaker and speaker cable
• LED stick
• Relay
• 3 pin cable * 3
• 3 legged pins * 4


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