Tokybot Modules


Tokybot Modules is including the input sensors and output actuators accessories for your Tokymaker.

With it, you will be able to extend the functionality of your Tokymaker and turn it into a complete robot. It can detect obstacles and follow the light. Use the remote controller function to drive it with your phone. Use Internet of things to execute commands from a far distance. and much more!

If you don’t have a tokymaker yet, we recommend you to get the full kit from our shop, instead of just the modules.

Do you have one tokymaker already and want to build your own robot? This is the modules you will need to do so!

Attention: Cardboard structure and Tokymakers are not included.



What is in the box?

• 2x Light Sensor
• Sonar Sensor
• 2x 360º Servo
• 3 pin cables
• Screw Drivers
• Screw
• 3 legged pins
• Black O ring
• Caster wheel
• USB Cable
• USB Charger

If you want to build the full robot, including Tokymaker and the cardboard structure, we suggest you get the full Tokybot kit


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