Tokybot kit


Enjoy building your first robot with this complete kit.  It contains all you need to assemble, modify and improve it. It also comes with a full robotics course with our registered online learning system “teacher-ready”.

This is just the beginning! With this kit you can start building all sort of moving creatures and machines. Fun-time is guaranteed. 🙂



Tokybot is a cardboard made robot powered by TokyMaker. Students will learn how to install light sensors, sonar sensors and servos on the TokyBot and program them to follow the light. Through learning the Tokybot course, they will gain an integrated learning experience in mechanical engineering and visual coding by implementing the Tokybot to accomplish tasks.

Also, remember that Tokymaker is compatible with general electronics, so you can extend it without limits!

What is in a Tokymaker?
• 1x Neopixel RGB LED
• 3x Touch Buttons
• 2x Push Buttons
• Bluetooth (for wireless coding and communications)
• Wifi (for IoT projects)
• OLED Screen
• 5x Analog Inputs
• 5x Output (1 Amp per Output)
• Ultrasound Input Port
• Resine Cover Case
• Micro Usb port

What else is inside the Tokybot kit?
• 2x Light Sensor
• Sonar Sensor
• 2x 360º Servo
• 3 pin cables
• Screw Drivers
• Screw
• 3 legged pins
• Black O ring
• Caster wheel
• USB Cable
• USB Charger
• Robot Cardboard Structure


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