This is Andruino! the Arduino for Andrea. 🙂

Just a little cute robot I made for my wife’s birthday. I created it with an organic semblance, not only showing the inside cables and connections but also with an emotive behaving.
Andruino is trying to find love in his short life (one battery cycle). So he is searching for the life, amazed by the movement and spontaneous of those who are alive. Avoiding static obstacles on his way.
When he discover her (or anything that is in motion) he immediately falls in love, lighting up his little heart and singing a wedding song. Then he will follow you up to the end of his eternity.
If my wife is moved by his little electronic feelings and sparks, she will tap-tap his head as a sign of acceptance and reciprocity of love. After this, Andruino will feel plethoric, and will show his best move dancing and singing the Super Mario Song.

  • Difficulty 70% 70%
  • Science 30% 30%
  • Technology 30% 30%
  • Engineery 50% 50%
  • Art 90% 90%
  • Mechanics 60% 60%

Let’s have some fun.

Here I send you guys a video of Andruino trying to find his love in his short battery life.

I can send the code upon request. 🙂