Science Experiments

General Description

This course is targeted to 7 year students or older. It is also written for teachers who may not have a Science background, or who may be teaching a Science course for the first time.

This course takes approximately 5 weeks to complete, spending about 1 week on each of the lessons.

Of course, teachers should feel free to customize the curriculum to meet individual school or district resources and timeframe.

We suggest to check in advance the material, since the duration of the lesson depens on the age and level of the student. The course could be extended up to 10 weeks.

Course Outline

Schema of all the lessons

Prerequisite Knowledge

This course assumes that the teacher and student knows how to use Tokymaker platform, code blocks in sequence and upload code to the Tokymaker.

To learn this, please go to the next links: and

Mini Projects to Start

Examples that can teach you the basic functionalities of Tokymaker

Resources for the student

Document the student has to follow to complete the course.

Blocks Index

Think of it as a dictionary of most of the blocks

Debugging Checklist

Your project is not working? check this list and find the solution here

Resources for the teacher

Use this guide to assess students’ understanding of the concepts taught in the tutorials.


We Uploaded all the lessons in pdf format for you to use. Please note that this is in beta.

Lesson 3: Heat

Lesson 4: Gravity

Lesson 5: Magnetism