IOT Night Light

The TokyLight is an easy weekend project using IOT and the Tokymaker to create a night light. Using your phone or laptop, you can control the color of the night light and whether it’s on or off almost anywhere. This project also offers a variety of light stencils to light up your room at night!

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Afraid of the dark? Want something to spice up your room at night? The TokyLight can be a great solution!

Using IOT and the Tokymaker, you can have your walls decorated with different patterns and colored lights. The best thing is you can turn the lights on and off and change the color of the lights from your bed using your phone or laptop. This is a great project to get introduced to IOT and an easy project to create.

Materials & Tools


Learn to code your own prototypes using the simple visual coding interface and just one finger and program it without installing software or connecting cables. Understand the principles of operating system electronics connecting in the most intuitive way, a large variety of sensors and actuators.


Heavy-duty paper with multiple layers to create durability, but also maintaining foldability. Cardboard usually made of a corrugated fiberboard sandwiched between two flat layers of paper.

Box Cutter

Also known as a retractable blade knife is a great tool to cut cardboard or paperboard.


An adhesive substance used to stick things together.


Download the template you want to light up the night:

  • [download id=”7237″]
  • [download id=”7240″]
  • [download id=”7243″]
  • [download id=”7247″]
  • [download id=”7252″]
  • [download id=”7255″]

Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Download and print the TokyLight template.

Feel free to choose which template you want to use, or go with a blank one and make your own.

Step 2: Cut out the shapes onto cardboard.

Note: For this step, you can also make the TokyLight out of paper if the shapes are too difficult to cut out onto cardboard. If the templates aren’t to your liking, feel free to make your own too.

An optional item you can use are shape cutters to punch shapes through the cardboard.

Step 3: Glue the tabs together.


Now let’s connect the Tokymaker to Bluetooth and work on the code!

Getting Started with IOT

Since we’re using IOT in this project, it will require us to set up an account on

Once the account is created, we will move onto creating a feed and setting up the dashboard:

Step 1: Create a new group and feed on Adafruit.

Make sure you’re on in order to create a new group and feed.

Under Actions, select Create a New Group.

Create the Group called LED.

Under Actions, select Create a New Feed.

Create the Feed called Red. Feel free to write whatever you want for the Description.

Note: Make sure to create the feeds under the LED group.

Repeat this step for Green, Blue, and LEDON.

Step 2: Creating Sliders on the Dashboard.

Go to the Dashboards page. Under Actions select Create a New Dashboard.

Create a new Dashboard called Lights. Feel free to write whatever you want for the Description.

Note: You will use this Dashboard to control the TokyLight.

On the right hand side, select the + button.

Create a slider block.

Select the feed Red.

Name the block title Red. Leave the minimum value and maximum value as 0 to 100. Change the slider step size to 1 and create the Block.

Create two more sliders for Green and Blue.

Step 3: Creating a Toggle on the Dashboard.

Select the + button in the Lights dashboard.

Select the Toggle block.

Select the LEDON feed.

Name the Toggle block Power and create the block.

Note: The Toggle will send ON/OFF values to your feed. The ON/OFF correspond to binary values. ON is 1 and OFF is 0.

Step 4: Connect IOT to the Tokymaker.

In order to connect IOT to the Tokymaker, you will need to know your AIO Key.

Go back to In the navigation bar on the left hand side, select View AIO Key.

You will need your Username and Active Key to connect IOT to the Tokymaker.

On the website, select the IOT function.

You want to select both the Wifi:set function and IOT:login function. Type in your Wifi name and password. Type in your Username and Active Key. This will connect the Tokymaker to Wifi and IOT.

Note: Once you’ve uploaded the code to the Tokymaker, you will know if you have connected to Wifi and IOT when your Tokymaker reads “Connected!” on it’s screen. Once connected, the light may not light up, so you have to go into your Lights Dashboard and click the power toggle and play with the sliders in order to get a feedback from the Tokymaker.


Download code here: [download id=”7340″]

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