Create STEM projects in no time without previous experience, including Electronics, Coding, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Artificial Vision, AI assistance and more.  


Create your own code using our graphical programming interface. You can code a Screen, AI, IoT… Soon you will have AR and Vision!

We are adding new features continuously!


Connect our wide variety of sensors and actuators in the most intuitive way.  No need to use breakout boards, breadboards or complex connexions.

Also compatible with the analog sensors of Arduino and others.


It is ready to connect to more than 600 internet services in a way never seen before.

Displays and exports graphics, or controls systems from an internet panel. Tokymaker links your digital life with your physical life without writing a line of code.


Now, we deliver Courses with Videos, Gifs, Texts (in English and Chinese), and explanatory audios for the slides (both, English and Chinese)

Anyone is a STEAM teacher now!



 Students and makers can use our built-in Gamepad to control their own robots or any other remote machine. 

Forget about downloading apps, just open the website!


Tokymaker is programmed from the Chrome Browser. Connected to the web without cables or installations in 1 second.  It’s never been that easy, you can even share your codes through wechat. Absolutely cross-platform!


Introducing the World’s first graphical programming platform for AR. Now, anyone can create AR experiences (interacting with Tokymaker sensors too!) from our drag and drop platform. Just use your own smartphone or Chromebook and start directly from our website. For free!

Artificial vision

With Pixycam, our new partner in Image Recognition we can detect 2000 objects in one second! Check the video to see what we are capable of.

And yes, with drag and drop blocks!

great projects

Schools have free access to more than 80 hours of great courses in Sustainability, Internet of Things and Space Robots.

Furthermore, Tokymaker has open repositories to build awesome robots for the Robot competition RoboRAVE, and tons of free projects  and tutorials to download from the website.

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